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Sage (Semi-Asymmetric Graph Engine)

This page contains information about how to build and run the NVRAM-based code used in our paper Sage: Parallel Semi-Asymmetric Graph Algorithms for NVRAMs.


Our code is currently included as part of the GBBS benchmarks, under the top-level sage directory. You can download the code by cloning the gbbs repository through ssh (see our github for other download options).

git clone


Compilation requires the bazel build tool, which you can find installation instructions for here.

After installing bazel, all of the Sage implementations can be built by running:

bazel build //sage/...

This command will compile binaries and store them in the top-level bazel-bin directory. For example, the BFS benchmark is located at:


Graph Formats#

The code currently requires users to use either the binary compressed-sparse row format (binary CSR), or the parallel byte-encoded compressed-sparse row format (parallel-byte CSR). Both formats are supported by GBBS, and we provide more information about the formats here.

The default format is the binary CSR. Specifying that the input graph is compressed is done through the command-line argument -c.