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Graph Based Benchmark Suite

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Functional Graph Interface

The GBBS library provides a graph-processing interface that extends the Ligra, Ligra+, and Julienne graph processing interfaces with other useful functional primitives, including map, reduce, and filter, defined over both vertices and graphs. The API also supports compression completely under the hood.

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Fundamental Graph Problems

The GBBS benchmark, implemented using the GBBS library, provides provably-efficient implementations for over 22 fundamental graph problems including shortest-path problems, connectivity problems, and many data-mining problems. Good theoretical bounds ensure consistent performance across different inputs.

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State-of-the-Art Performance

GBBS implementations achieve state-of-the-art performance. For example, our implementation of connectivity solves the WebDataCommons Hyperlink2012 graph, the largest publicly-available graph with over 3 billion vertices and over 200 billion edges in 8.5 seconds on a 72-core machine.