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The Graph-Based Benchmark Suite (GBBS) is an active research project to build provably-efficient, scalable, single-machine implementations for a broad set of fundamental graph problems. Our approach is to design simple algorithm implementations that rely on high-level functional grpah and vertex primitives that have well-defined cost-bounds in the work-depth model. The project is in development at both CMU and MIT, and has been used to implement over 20 problems so far.

Getting Started#

This part of the site provides instructions for installing, compiling, and running the codes provided in GBBS. It also provide details on the graph formats supported by GBBS.

  • Installation provides instructions on system requirements and how to download and install GBBS.
  • Compilation explains how to compile benchmarks in GBBS using both our build-tool, bazel, and using make.
  • Graph Formats describes the graph formats supported by our implementations.
  • Running explains how to run a benchmark on our graph inputs.
  • Graph Inputs describes the main graph inputs used in our experiments, and provides details on how to obtain them.


This part of the site provides a problem-based benchmark specifications for each of the problems supported by GBBS. Links to the benchmarks can be found below:

Shortest Path Problems#

Connectivity Problems#

Covering Problems#

Substructure Problems#

Eigenvector Problems#


A list of publications built using GBBS and contributing to the benchmark can be found here.